Current Status

I'm currently looking for a Software Engineer Position!

A Thinking Ape

Software Engineer (I & II)

2020 - 2024

A Thinking Ape (ATA) is mobile games company that is focused on building games with a social core, aiming to build communities with their players.


  • Architected and built a new microservice to prevent primary key collisions during data, reducing the number of support requests by 15%
  • Upgraded CI/CD pipelines by implementing canary deployments using Nomad to route a small percentage of requests to a subset of containers to reduce severity of broken deployments
  • Optimized execution time of test environment by leveraging python multiprocessing across a suite of Jenkins executors, resulting in a decrease of mean time to test by 3x, * leading to faster total deployment time Led the creation of internal platform tools and infrastructure to migrate local and production environments to Docker by building microservice-based images and leveraging Docker Compose and Nomad
  • Facilitated migration to Apple Silicon based Macbooks by updating internal platform tools and creating all-new ARM64 specific images

Full Stack and Apps

  • Advocated for and implemented security best practices by building v2 of login portal for internal tools, implementing mandatory 2FA and support for Oauth
  • Proactively identified pain point in user experience with local Docker environments and created a modern MacOS app using SwiftUI to provide a GUI to non-technical users