House-keeping tool for Finances.

  • Built a tool using Python to extract transaction data from credit card statements (PDFS) and converting into CSVs, leveraging open-source LLM to accurately categorize transactions to better visualize spending habits
  • Created and interfaced custom LLM built ontop of Llama3 to categorize transactions, accepting categorization for those that have a confidence of at least 90% (0.9) using Ollama

Personal Website

The website you're currently on 😄

  • Built a lightweight, cross-platform, static website using Astro, React, and Tailwind, leveraging Astro’s content-driven principles to translate Markdown files into blog-style pages


Python library to store reusable functions and scripts for personal usage.

  • Designed small custom Python library to manage Docker Compose files and environments, leveraging Compose’s built-in config validation to generate custom compose files


Self-hosted multi-media home server.

  • Built a collection of self-hosted services using Docker Compose to serve as my personal multi-media server, using Traefik as reverse proxy to route traffic to containers
  • Primarily hosts FoundryVTT, a table top simulator to play D&D, PF2E and Lancer